Prvá digitálna rádiostanica PMR446 (License free)


A first in the market*, the IC-F4029SDR is a licence-free** digital PMR 446 radio compliant to the ETSI TS 102 490 and EN 301 166-2 specifications. The IC-F4029SDR provides digitally modulated clear sound and simple message communication.

* Researched by Icom as of February 2006.
** In some countries, a simple license or application may be required.
Please contact your PTT administration office.

Digital PMR 446

Using 6.25kHz digital narrow mode, the IC-F4029SDR provides digitally modulated clear sound. By setting 1-254 "common ID" group codes, the IC-F4029SDR opens its squelch only when a matched code is received. It provides quiet stand-by and group call function while sharing a channel with several groups.

32-status messages

Status message examples32 codes of prefixed status messages can be sent and received. 16-character messages and 6 types of alert beeps that sound for call reception, are programmable for each message with the optional cloning software CS-F4029.

Existing analogue PMR 446 available

By changing the channel setting, the IC-F4029SDR can be used on existing analogue PMR 446 channels with CTCSS/DTCS tones and gives you the transition from analogue PMR 446 to digital PMR 446 in one unit.

6.25kHz Spectrum Efficiency

traffic imageDigital PMR 446 utilises 4FSK/ FDMA modulation and 6.25kHz digital narrow channel spacing, which is half the channel spacing of the existing analogue PMR 446 system. This way, the 100kHz band width allocated for digital PMR 446 is efficiently divided into 16 channels, or twice the current analogue voice channel capacity.

Other features

  • 8-character alphanumeric display
  • Smart ring and tone find function in analogue PMR 446 mode
  • Large capacity Li-Ion battery pack standard
  • Optional PC programming software, CS-F4029,
    and more...